Rug and Carpet Shampooing and Repair


It may seem a little odd that we started as a rug repair company with some of the best industry professionals in the world and chose to expand to where we did today. Essentially, we are a group of rug professionals that know how to steam clean and repair rugs with the best of them, but we are also dedicated businessmen that understand the importance of going forward and moving your business with the times.

This is because no matter who you are, it is almost always the best thing to look toward the future to avoid stagnation. There came a point where we were the largest rug cleaning company in the area, but we were not meeting all of the needs of our customer that we could have been. We found that just a little bit of work and some slight adjustments fixed that.

Fixing the company for all

What we mean by that is listening to customers and giving them exactly what they want. By snowballing our business to spread out across multiple mediums and giving them the best possible services across many avenues. We fully understand that not all companies have this ability, but we are such a talented staff that we made this work. We could not have done this without the help of our customers and professionals.

We also do pool repair in addition to rug cleaning as well as carpet fixing and pool filtration systems. And while these things may not seem like they belong within a single company, we can assure you that the technology that we use to perform our duties are second to none. Come see the difference and see how when you put your mind to it, your business can achieve so much more than what it originally set out to do.