About Us


Something that we have been doing since we started our company is that technology has become much more relevant in what we do. This is why we use the latest in rug cleaning technology to help our customers achieve carpet and rug bliss. In addition to having the best mobile cleaning service in the world, we also use the latest in new carpet designs.

So much about the world of rugs and carpets is about style. Style in terms of how it looks and how easy it is to keep clean. This is why in addition to having the latest in old style designs, we also offer the latest styles at factory direct prices.

So much of what we do

Is based on the idea that we can do more to further the idea that everyone should have access to high quality cleaning services. In order to do this, we must make sure that there are a number of ways that we can clean carpets at a low price and a number of ways in which we can supply carpet and rugs to people that may not already have access.

So in our endeavor we have given people a way in which to enhance their rug cleaning experience and get their hands on the newest and latest carpet and rug designs. We guarantee that the things we offer the community will help influence other companies and give them a model to help customers achieve a higher level of carpet bliss.