Steam cleaning and rug repair has always been our passion. Ever since we started this company many years ago, we have been in the business of gathering talented professionals that are bent on helping us achieve victory in the area of rug cleaning and steam carpet cleaning and repair. Since then we have grown to such a scale that we believed that it was time to branch out and become something so much more.

With the help of professionals from different areas of business, we found that it was easy to expand given our set of talents. We had people that had always been handy and people that had worked in a number of different areas. We thought just because they found rugs to be their passion, that didn’t mean that they could not help us branch out into different avenues. This is when our company was born. An iteration of our company that handled a number of different tasks and gave us the power to become what we are today.

Both commercial and residential properties are something that we are familiar with. The idea that no matter the job, there are certain things to pay attention to and differences in how the job is done. By applying our skills and knowledge based on these different jobs we have become so much more than what we originally set out to do. We became sort of a jack of all trades, a juggernaut of business that was able to handle any job at hand with the help of orlandopoolresurface.com – Kissimmee, Altamonte Springs,Orange County, making us the best pool resurfacing fort lauderdale

No matter what you need

We are the people to call. We have a dedicated staff that is available throughout the day and on call to tackle some of your most notable problems around the house or in the back yard. Our pool repair knowledge is second to none and the fact that we are all rug collectors means that that is just second nature. Rug repair and steam cleaning is no problem and while we are at it, we can fix your pool and pool pump as well.

There is no substitute for experience and a dedication to your craft. We have taken something we are good at and parlayed it into other areas that needed an upgrade in the area. Because of this we are happy to say that we are the largest rug repair company in the area as well as the largest pool repair company in the area. We can promise that any job you need done, we can do and we can do it better than our competitors.

See why we have become what we have become and know that it was all through hard work and dedication. If you are the type of customer that is leery and you should be, you will see that just after one job we will earn your trust and hopefully make you part of our customer base that we have served for more than 2 decades. Let us show you the meaning of professionalism.